New Year, New Direction

I’ve been thinking about this post for some time – composing it in my head, letting the words roll around, hoping they would sort themselves into something that expressed my thoughts with perfect coherence. I am sad to report that the words did not do as I hoped. They did not write for me. They did not line up in order until I felt that tingle that let me know that I had found it. Back and forth I went as I knitted, and washed dishes, and vacuumed. In the end, there was nothing left for it but to actually sit down and type it all out.

Life is often like that, I find. You have to show up and do the work. But if you do … ah, then magic sometimes happens.

For me, Crafting my Life has been a sort of magic. Two years ago I launched the first run of the online class. And people showed up! You could have knocked me over with a feather. I found living through each life-crafter’s journey vicariously to be immensely inspiring. Watching people take steps towards greater meaning and purpose is an incredible privilege. I feel very lucky to have had it.

crafting my life goodbyeThrough Crafting my Life I discovered my love of interviewing others, which eventually morphed into the Podcast. There was more magic there, for me. Being entrusted with other people’s stories is also an amazing privilege. When someone agrees to chat with me, I get a little thrill. I never know what I am going to hear, exactly, or where the conversation is going to go. It’s like taking a voyage of discovery, and it makes me feel alive.

While I have gained a lot through Crafting my Life, in the past few months it has become increasingly clear for me that it has run its course for me, in its present form. I am working more actively for, where I’m the Managing Editor. I am enjoying that a lot. I’m working with other people, as part of a team. I’m writing. I’m sharing stories and following along with other people’s journeys, just on a different platform. And I’m still blogging at, where I’m chronicling my personal journey and hearing from other people through comments and email and social media and all that good stuff. My life is very full, and something has to go. Crafting my Life is going to be it.

This does not mean that I am no longer crafting my own life. Quite the contrary. It simply means that I am no longer creating online tools, and I will no longer be writing in this space. I will be leaving the site up as a resource, and because I like it. But if you would like to keep in touch, the best way to do it is to drop by, or to catch up on Facebook or Twitter.

I want to thank you very much for taking this journey with me. I hope that you’ll let me know how you’re doing from time to time. I really would love to hear from you. And I trust that there is magic out there waiting for you somewhere, too.

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