Half a Year Gone: Reviewing Your Goals for 2012

Tall grass and a grey day

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, mostly because in my experience they’re rarely kept. I’m not just imagining things, either – research backs me up. However, I do choose a word to set an intention for the year. For 2012 my word is clarity. While I don’t view choosing this word as a resolution, by setting an intention for the year there were specific things I hoped to accomplish.

Whether you set resolutions, chose a word, created a five-point action plan or ignored the whole thing, the fact is that 2012 is now a little more than halfway over. This means it’s a great time to consider what you were hoping to accomplish this year, and examine how far you’ve come. Have you made headway on your goals for the year? Do the goals you set in January still make sense now? What can you do to get yourself back on track if you’ve fallen off the wagon? Only you can answer these questions for yourself, but as you do you’ll get a clearer picture of what 2012 has held so far, and what you’re hoping it holds in the final six months.

Taking time out of your life at any point in the year to do a little bit of evaluation can help you to stay on track as you pursue your dreams. As you do this, though, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re not in the same position today as you were when you first set out. You’ve gained knowledge and experience, and likely encountered events you didn’t expect. If you’re not exactly where you were hoping to be, it doesn’t mean that you’ve failed. It simply means that you took a different path than you thought you’d be taking. And in any case, it’s never too late to get yourself back on course.

There’s a lot of 2012 left to go, and there’s still plenty of time to take concrete steps towards a better life. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done with the first half of the year. It doesn’t matter if your progress is slower than expected. All that matters is that you’re willing to show up and try. By re-examining where you are now and setting some intentions for the rest of the year, you’ll be giving yourself the best shot at success.

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A New Direction

As of January 1, 2013, Crafting my Life is closed. The blog will remain open, and I invite you to take the time to read through the archives and use them as a resource. If you find them helpful, or if you'd like to keep in touch with me, please take the time to visit me on my personal blog at Strocel.com. While I'm no longer creating online tools, I am still chronicling my personal journey as a life-crafter. I'd love it if you'd come along for the ride.


  1. Well put Amber! I’ve achieved ONE BIG THING I planned to do in 2012 (work part time) but I need to put more effort into some of the things I have planned for the extra time/energy I will have resulting from that choice.
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