Just Call me the Volunteer Dancer

Last summer, I had an epiphany about dancing. I was at the Sparklecorn Party at BlogHer in San Diego, and one of my friends took to the dance floor. As I followed, my first impulse was to issue a disclaimer about how I’m not a very good dancer. I squelched that impulse for two reasons:

  1. Nobody else cared.
  2. I wanted to embrace the experience as fully as I could.

At first, as I started dancing, my moves were pretty rusty. It had been a lo-o-o-o-o-ong time since I’d done any dancing outside of my own kitchen. But slowly, slowly, I got into it. The epiphany came when I realized that I have far more fun when I dance for myself, rather than for other people. When I let myself feel the music and move with it and maybe even look a little silly, I feel far more joyful than when I move stiffly and try to avoid looking foolish. Plus, I’m actually a better dancer when I let go of my own self-consciousness.

The 90 minutes I spent on the dance floor that night has really stuck with me. I had a chance to call on it again on Tuesday evening, when I attended the launch party for Entrepreneur Mom Now Vancouver. My friend Nicole has taken on the City Manager role for the site, so she put together the gathering at a local bakery to celebrate. Singer Codie Prevost was there performing, and he did really well in the small space. When he called for volunteers, I was the first to raise my hand, even though I didn’t know what I was volunteering for.

It turns out that I had volunteered to get the dancing started. I squelched the panic as another mom and I took to the floor all by ourselves. Here’s the truth: I took dancing lessons as a kid, and I really struggled. I quickly get out of my depth when it comes to choreographed routines. This is why I’ve always thought I wasn’t a good dancer. I have a hard time remembering when to kick-ball-change and when to turn and when to use my jazz hands. But then I remembered the lessons I learned at Sparklecorn. I didn’t have to perform a routine, I just had to dance. And the more that I embraced it, the more fun it would be – for me and for everyone around me.

So I danced, man. I totally danced. In front of a room full of mom entrepreneurs, I pulled out my best (and my silliest) moves. And once I got past that initial feeling of fear, I had fun. It was great. And I would totally be a volunteer dancer again in a heartbeat. Because life is too short to stand on the sidelines.

Thanks to Lise Jacobson for the photo

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A New Direction

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  1. Twitter: AlmostTruth
    I love this post. Why is it we become so self-conscious about ourselves and our skills. Toddlers know how to cut loose and bust a move, why not us? Life is too short to hold back.
    Brenna @ Almost All The Truth’s latest post..Motivating Change in the Face of ApathyMy Profile